F&B Services Prospectus

This a unique world class Food and Beverages Services three years apprenticeship online course, designed and written by industry experts, top five-star hoteliers and have a proven track record of providing cutting-edge online training in the F&B services area. Each level has an exit level internationally recognized qualification.

The course is engaging, full of fun and very resourceful the online learning management system provides motivation tools like gamification, virtual badges and learning path progress report.

The course structure is as follows:

1st-year level one; Professional Waiter program
2nd-year level two: Restaurant Supervisor program
3rd-year level three: Restaurant manager program

Each level has 11 module with exit-level HTA qualification certification with additional City & Guild International qualification.

Each level has 11 modules, 50 skills videos. 40 ppts, assessments, PoEs, logbook, three trimesters and a final exam.

First year subjects ;Clean and restock drinks machines/equipment ,Clean and store glassware, Describe layout, services and facilities of the organisation, Describe the sectors of the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industries ,Handle and dispose of waste, Handle and store cleaning equipment and materials, Maintain a safe working environment ,Handle and record refunds, Introduce new staff to the workplace, Maintain a secure working environment, Operate a payment point and process payments, Prepare and clear areas for table service , Provide a carvery/buffet service, Provide a table drink service.

Second years subjects: The second year's subjects provide advance knowledge on the first year's fundamental subjects but more focuses on supervisory skills.

1st Year:
Basic Commis waiter level program. This course will enable unskilled or semi-skilled waitron to become a professional waiter will equip with professional skills and dexterity and underpinning knowledge.
Entry requirement: 18 years of age with or without experience.
Exit level: After completion and passing of the first year candidate will be awarded a certificate of completion and they will proceed to next level. At this level of exit, they will be a qualified professional waiter.

2nd Year:
Restaurant supervisory Chef de rang level program. In the second year of studies, the candidate will be exposed to the supervisory level studies and work-based assignments. This will enable them to supervise as station or floor.
Entry requirement: Only graduate from the first year, until unless special recommendations are made from management for a new candidate to enter into this phase, but they still need to pass all first year exams as an entry requirement.
Exit level: After completion and passing of this second phase of studies will be awarded a certificate of attendance and they will be able to proceed to a third and final year of studies. At this level of exit, they will be qualified restaurant supervisor

3rd yeasr:
Third years subjects: Developing an advanced knowledge and skills of second-year but pivotal focus on F&B operation and management studies.

Advance F&B management program Maître d hôtel level program. In the third year of the studies, candidates will be exposed to the F&B management level studies with a special focus on all aspect of F&B cycle from ordering to storage and post-shift work. They will be exposed to the principle of management, human resources, budgeting, forecasting and financial management. In this phase, they will be introduced to the cases studies and real-life simulation.
Entry requirement: Only the progressive student from year two those who have passed both theoretical and practical exams.
Exit level: After completion and passing of this second phase of studies will be awarded a diploma in F&B services. At this level of exit, they will be qualified restaurant manager Maître d hôtel and they can be further train to be an assistant F&B manager.

All the course material has been tested and tried so trainees have a world-class training material which you will find it valuable and resourceful.
This course has been designed with the consultation of top five-star hoteliers and Food and Beverages managers and trainers and audited and vetted by leading HR and L&D managers.

For full details on the course please download the full prospectus hereunder.
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed