Testimonials from students and Chef facilitators


Dear Chef,
I hope this message finds you well. As you know, we are almost done with our third year and soon, will be off to do our own things.
HTA has taught me a lot and shaped me into the Chef I am today and I would like for this opportunity to reach many more aspiring young chefs.
I have reached many milestones during my time with HTA and Hilton Ras al Khaimah. I have been selected to represent my hotel in a regional competition in which I placed second, I have been promoted twice (from commis II to commis I to Demi Chef), and I am only just beginning.
I feel like I am this much closer to reaching my dreams and achieving my goals, and a big part of it is due to my decision to enrol in HTA.
I would love to be able to help and guide future HTA students along their path to success and I was wondering if, upon the completion of my course, there would be an opportunity for me to represent the school by joining the HTA team. I believe that I can help and guide the students through my experience as one of them.
Thank you for this experience and thank you for the opportunities that lie ahead.
 Subin Joseph • RAK resort

Wilson Catbatbat:

Riyad, Saudi Arabia

1. I find the course very informative and useful for me to perform my job efficiently. I equipped me with significant knowledge and skills which I will apply in the performance of my duties and responsibilities.

2. I started as commis chef 1, Demi chef is my current position now.

3. Message to the trainees does not stop learning. you should be more patient and willing to be trained for your personal development and improvement. Everything you will learn from this training will contribute to make you a better version of yourself equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills which will be our ladder to success.


My name is Tejas shetty

Dubai, UAE


1. The course is very helpful and very knowledgeable and conducted in a systematic manner by our facilitator Chef Riyaz abdul.


2.My skill has improved immensely in these last three years.


3.My speed of work has got better and my knowledge regarding the food and cooking methods helps my team members also to gain knowledge through me.


4. I had joined the hotel itself as a kitchen apprentice as commis back in 2015 and now I am a Demi chef de partie.


5. My message is dedicated and passionate, yes there will be ups and downs, challenges will make you a better and stronger professional. Keep the love for cooking in your self always alive this will always keep you motivated.


Francis Gilead Oghenetega 

 Abuja, Hilton

To be honest the courses been received are very intense and benefit. 

The course has definitely improved my knowledge as well as my skills. It has also made me to understand that there are various ways to one dish.

My efficiency has greatly improved and I am still benefiting from this course.

I was a kitchen steward when I applied and am commis 2 in my year two apprenticeship program  I, Am great full for this opportunity.


My message to new trainees is simply... Just find joy in what you do. It's tasking, stressful, difficult at times. But with courage and determination, one can succeed.


Michael Ojo-Nugwa Wilfred

Abuja, Nigeria

Good day Chef.

Hope you find these answers in good health. The exams went smoothly and fine. Answering your questions;


1. The course was educative well enough and understandable.

2. Yes, the course has really improved my knowledge and skill as an apprentice chef.

3. Yes, it has improved my efficiency also as I now know how to prepare many dishes without wasting time or asking for procedures from my senior chefs.

4. I started as a commis 1 learner, but have greatly improved through this programme and now. It’s really enriching.

5. My message to new trainees is to devote the time and talents to cooking and they will have the best from it

Rabin Puri 

Ras Al Khaimah

1. I am on the Chef Apprenticeship programme from Waldorf Astoria  Learning  &  Develop department.    

 2. This course is very very useful in our daily basis life, not only culinary. This programme can change our lifestyle. Its Improved so many things Knowledge, skills, language, communication, theory & practical calculation time, management & Global Cuisine etc.  

 3  This course is a backbone of the culinary, I saw so many principals of cookery in this programmes.  It provides Theory & practical both. In a workplace, we can work easily & easily to understand, because we follow the principals. This course easy to train the trainee, so it is useful.

 4. 3 years ago I was the steward (cleaner), now, my current position is similar to commis 2.

 5. first of all, I would like to say welcome to the chef Apprenticeship programmes for new trainee whoever interest in culinary art. it is 3 Years programmes. it's a little harder training  Programmes.you  need to focus all the time. try to understand every single word, be continue reading & train yourself .keep it spread high.  actually, Around  3  years I fully enjoy.  best of luck.

 Finally, I would like to say thank you  for the" HTA SCHOOL OF CULINARY ART" team

Feedback from Chef Facilitator Chef Daniel

Marjan Island, Dubai

Rajesh Maharjan  Started apprentice as Commi 2 in the first Year of launching the program was promoted after 1 Year to Commi1. And left our hotel for a new position as DCDP after finishing the Program as one of the best apprentices in the region

Lok Bahadur Started apprentice as Commi 2 in the first Year of launching the program was promoted after 1.1/2 Year to Commi1. And left our hotel for a new position as DCDP after finishing the Program as one of the best apprentices in the region

 Bimal Karki Started apprentice as Commi 2 in 2016 was promoted after 1 Year to Commi1. And will be leaving our hotel for a new position as DCDP in August 2018

Bilal Mumtaz Started apprentice as Commi 2 in 2016 was promoted after 1.5 Year to Commi1 and present in the Hotel 

Kind regards